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Become a part of the solution.

There are more individuals who suffer from mental health issues than we know. Often, these individuals aren't aware that what they are dealing with is in fact a mental health issue, and those that are aware are often afraid and embarrassed to admit that they have mental health issues because of the stigma. This leads to countless numbers of people walking through life being negatively impacted creating a public health problem that affects everyone. By contributing resources to our cause, you assist us in:

•Bringing awareness

•Helping to remove the stigma

•Beginning the Healing

All of this helps us in reaching our mission which is, “Improving the lives of the individuals and families we serve.”

The funds raised will go to support individuals and families who do not have health insurance or the resources to adequately access culturally appropriate mental health services, help to create in-services designed to bring awareness, and break the stigma. Hope & Healing Counseling Services was created to address these issues and heal the community one individual... one family at a time.

Making a contribution is easy. All you have to do is click the link below. 

Every Contribution Matters

Any amount helps us serve those who otherwise wouldn't be able to get the mental health services needed.

Everyone who contributes $75 or more will receive a complimentary Hope & Healing t-shirt.

If you or your organization would like to learn more about how you can further assist us in bringing awareness, breaking the stigma, and beginning the healing process, please contact us via email at

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