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We accept most insurances

as well as Medical Assistance

Your financial situation should not be a barrier in your ability to become healthy and whole.

You may qualify for reduced fees for financial hardship. We have a limited number of spots for fee reduction. Please contact our office to discuss.

Payment is due at the time of service. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.

List of Services and Fees

Intake Session (60 + Min)

Our intake session is the initial session in which we discuss our mutual expectations for therapy, review our therapy agreement, and any other documents. Subsequent sessions typically last for approximately 45 minutes.


Diagnostic Assessment (60 + min)

We provide comprehensive diagnostic assessments conducted in the cultural context of the recipient. At the completion of the assessment, a detailed treatment plan is developed in partnership with you. 

Standard $307.85





Explanation of Findings

The purpose of explanation of findings is to discuss the results of the diagnostic assessment, psychological tests, and other accumulated data and make recommendations in regard to the recipient’s treatment plan.


Individual Counseling Session 

Our therapists focus on developing one to one professional relationships with individuals. This relationship can take on many facets depending upon the modality the therapist is using, but most often involves the creation of a mutually-accepting environment along with the use of techniques for the purpose of decreasing symptoms and/or personal growth. We walk alongside and encourage individuals to engage in a self-reflective process of their emotions and behaviors in an effort to assist them in becoming healed, healthy, and whole.

30 min


45 min


60 + min


Family Counseling Session 

Family therapy involves an intense focus on improving the communication pattern within the family. Our family counseling involves the therapist entering the family's way of life more directly. Families bring their habits and routines with each other directly into the session. The therapist is involved in analyzing and offering feedback about the interactions the family is having, and makes suggestions about ways to improve them. It is typically more intensive than individual counseling because two or more family members are invited to co-create the process of change.



w/o client


Group Counseling Session 

Group therapy typically rests upon the kinetic interaction of the members of the group. Participants usually have the same, or similar diagnoses, and challenges. We have groups for children, teenagers and adults. The emphasis is on helping participants understand the projection they have toward other members, while learning from the feedback they receive from others, including the therapist.



Multi Family


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